Being away from the family, friends, and loved ones is never easy. There are always those times when you wish you could just close the distance and be near them. But then, there are really certain inevitable circumstances when you have to be apart. There are always those times when just hearing their voices would mean so much as it could take away the tears of longing.

Missing someone in this big crazy world gives a sad feeling, but with the advent of new technology, it is now always possible to stay connected and bridge the distance. Certain networks offer cheap international calls to loved ones all over the world. Before, overseas calls prevent callers from staying on the line for long because of the big charges that apply. Now, there are a lot of ways to make calls from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is surf and look for cheap international call offers. Some cheap call offers let you save up to 90 – 98 per cent from your regular international call rate.

Some cheap call offers let you download the application first to your mobile phone or computer before you can make the call while others only require some access code placed before the international number of the person you are calling.

Some networks and applications offer cheap calls from cell phone to landline and vice versa, or even cell phone to computer and vice versa. Some of the top call destinations of callers are Australia, China, India, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, Thailand, USA, and United Kingdom.

Networks and websites which offer cheap international calls will most likely ask for the country code and area code. Here are some of the country codes of some of the top country destinations for long distance calling.

  • Australia – 61
  • China – 86
  • India – 91
  • Pakistan – 92
  • Poland – 48
  • Romania – 40
  • Russia – 7
  • Spain – 34
  • Thailand – 66
  • United States – 1
  • United Kingdom – 44

Long distance calling may cost more than the ordinary calls inside your country, but hearing the voice of your loved ones abroad would certainly make a difference and would surely make you think that it’s worth the price.

For long distance calls from the UK, you can try It offers cheap calls to different destinations, including the top countries listed above. Other destinations include Antarctica, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania.

Anyone calling from the UK can avail the cheap international calls offered by There is no registration process. All that is needed is the Rabbit Call access number before the international number. They also have a complete list of country codes for the reference of the callers.

Calling from the UK to anywhere in the world is made easier and friendly to the pocket.

Nowadays, with lots and lots of cheap international call offers, distance is not anymore a hindrance to keep a relationship growing. There’s no reason to skip special events and greetings, and there’s always a reason to stay connected across the distance.