We know talking to someone over the phone is not the same as being there in person and is not the same as being part of the parade or the carnival or even eating some of the delicious food cooked on the BBQ at the family union, but it has to be the next best thing right?

As the Fourth of July, (also referred to as Independence Day) is a fast approaching. to celebrate with our International friends, Rabbit Calls continue to bring you Cheap International Calls to USA for just 1.0p per minute 24 hours a day 7 days a week from a landline.

Making a super-cheap Rabbit Call to the USA couldn’t be easier. Simply dial 0844 605 0909 + 001 + local number and start chatting for just 1.0p from your landline and best of all, it a saving of 16.5p per minute compared to BT.

* Instead of just dialling the overseas number, call 0844 605 0909 first

* Once connected you’ll hear a second dial tone

* Now dial the full USA phone number you wish to reach starting with 0061 as usual

So, if you want to call Detroit, first you need to dial 0844 605 0909 followed by 001 and the local phone number.

Call and see what your friends and family are planning this Fourth of July. Join in the festivities and make Independence Day special for your loved ones.